Academic Programme

Intermediate Courses with MPC, BiPC (Eamcet/AIEEE/IIT) and CEC, MEC (CA/ICWA/CS Foundation coaching) groups are offered in English Medium and the syllabus prescribed by the Board of Intermediate Education A.P is followed. The academic year is from June to March with a short vacation during October-November.

St. Joseph's College caters to a wide range of electives, all sections and communities belonging to different cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds. The New St. Joseph's educational Society is a registered Society under the A.P. Society Registration Act., Established in 1994 represented by educationalist, eminent learned personalities, experienced academicians and professionals from variousfields. Making a very humble beginning as mere Junior College, with the sole objective

of catering to the various academic needs of the students. St. Joseph's has become a focal point for all those who are on the look out for quality education in the new millennium. It has gone a long way in providing adequate infrastructure like building, amenities, and laboratories.

What makes St. Joseph's junior College apart from others is the immaculate guidance and scientifically planned curriculum and highly educated faculty, which enable the students to make optimum use of the education and excel in their respective fields.

The Teachers and Classes

St. Joseph's has a professional and highly-qualified staff committed to maintaining the philosophy and standards of the College. The excellent results achieved by our students are a reflection of their energy and vitality. We take pride in selecting only the best of teachers, male and female, to work at St. Joseph's. Many are experts in their field and at the forefront of curriculum development in Andhra Pradesh. Staff enjoy the positive and caring atmosphere of the college and are able to give their best to students. Classes rarely have more than 40 students and are frequently lower than 35 students, enabling teachers to carefully nurture and monitor the progress of each individual student.

Evaluation Scheme

The students are continuously being evaluated throughout the academic calendar by the respective principals and the staff in each subject. All Students are required to attend atleast 80% of total classes without fail and cannot afford to miss any of the test or quizzes conducted from time to time. Irrespective of the Group, the student is doing, he/she has to attend the test conducted in each subject after the end of every chapter, besides the quarterly, half-yearly and pre-final examination conducted internally, the parents are held equally responsible to evaluate their wards from time to time in order to gauge the wards mental ability, academic excellence and pursuance of higher knowledge.

The college is keeping its door open to any parent to discuss the academic matters in the benefit

of the student on all working days. Having realised the importance of the intermediate level, the management has authorised an Academic Counseling Board (ACB) to look into the teacher and the taught problem and guide both the teachers and the students in correcting or adopting the suitable teaching modes. The regular students will be further given privilege to avail expert guidance for preparing themselves for the entrances to enter the higher learning arena.


Counsellors which include academician provide counsel attendance to the students in their academic, educational, personal and social life. The services are free and confidential and may include individual and group counseling, workshops and special programmes relevant to students need for example, development of academic skills, personal growth, sensitivity, training test, anxiety desensitization, inter personal skill building etc., these are designed for the purpose of assisting individuals in development task as well specific orientation towards self motivation and academic responsibility in order to train students to serve as resources persons for services available throughout the educational community.

Other Services

Proficiency in English Required

The institution insists on a reasonably good standard and command of English on the part of applicants for admission. Students who fail to meet the minimum proficiency level required would, upon admission to the College, be assigned to special coaching classes offered by the English Department. It is extremely important, therefore, that the applicant's proficiency in English ought to be at high level even prior to admission.

Second Language

Hindi, Arabic, Sanskrit